Hello, and thank you for your interest in
The LOG LAMP. We are a small business located in Pembrokeshire West Wales.


My name is Jeff Bartlett. 

Our home is heated by a wood-fueled boiler, an effort to have a sustainable source of heat. By using well seasoned, local, sustainably sourced wood we also reduce our carbon footprint. This has meant that every year we receive deliveries of hundreds of logs that have to be stacked for seasoning and then brought into the home throughout the winter. In handling these logs over the years I've noticed that amongst them there are always logs with beautiful features of life and ageing. Many of these seem just too good to put in the fire! It's these logs, once destined to become firewood that now become your LOG LAMP


Way back in the late '80s, in what now seems like a previous life,
I worked designing light fittings and lighting installations for prestigious locations like the Lloyds building in London, Porsche cars Reading HQ, and the Library at The Bank of England. In that time of telex machines and wordprocessors, all the design work was done by hand with a drawing board and pencil, it was in that handwork that I found the greatest pleasure. I subsequently chose to return to college and study Graphic Design, only to find that as I entered the college the hand tools were being wheeled out and the Apple computers wheeled in!


So after some thirty years staring at screens designing everything from billboards to business cards and websites to press advertising, Inspired by the beauty I find in the logs and the joy of working with my hands, along with inspiration from contemporary LED lamps I've returned to the field of lighting design